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Diet and Breast Cancer: Steps You Can Take for Prevention. What You Can Do If You Get Breast Cancer? - An Interview with Lilli Link, MD

 LilliLinkHSLearn Dietary Approaches to Prevent Breast Cancer and What You Can Do If You Get It!

Kirk Hamilton interviews Lilli B. Link, MD, MS, ia board certified internist with an M.S. in epidemiology and health services research.  Dr. Link is currently in private practice as a nutrition specialist in Manhattan and also an assistant professor of Complementary and Integrative Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. Since her own diagnosis of cancer over ten years ago, she has learned first-hand how to use diet and lifestyle to optimize her own health. Learn about Dr. Link's Program and her Kitchen Makeover. She recently co-authored a paper entitled "Dietary Patterns and Breast Cancer Risk In The California Teachers Study Cohort," (Am J Clin Nutr. 2013 Dec;98(6):1524-32).

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"Dietary Patterns and Breast Cancer Risk In The California Teachers Study Cohort,"

Am J Clin Nutr, 2013 Oct 9; [Epub ahead of print].

Lyme Disease Treatment and Prolotherapy – Effective Integrative Approaches to Debilitating Health Problems - An Interview with Will Mora, MD


Learn Lyme Basics! What are the Best Tests, Simplest Therapies and What Lifestyle Factors Increase Its Severity AND....Learn How to Stimulate the Body’s Own Healing Systems By Injecting "Sugar" Into Pain (Prolotherapy)!

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Will Mora, a graduate of the University of California, Davis, Medical School, and, the Family Medicine Residency Program at the University of California, San Francisco. Prior to his medical training he had been in the Peace Corp. Dr. Mora has been certified in Sports Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, and Integrative Holistic Medicine.  He describes himself as a medical detective who looks for hidden infections, hormone deficiencies, and toxins causing illness. His belief is that food is medicine. Dr. Mora uses prolotherapy injections to heal injuries to shoulders, hips and knee joints. He also actively takes on complicated Lyme Disease patients. And, he is a member of the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). Dr. Mora currently practices Integrative Holistic Medicine at Health Associates Medical Group in Sacramento, California (916) 489-4400. You may contact Dr. Mora at this link.  Lyme Disease (Part 1) 2:18-33:39 mm:ss and Prolotherapy (Part 2) 33:36-47:30 mm:ss.

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The Power of Food and Nutraceuticals in Depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Weight Loss - An Interview with John E. Lewis PhD

Lewis-JohnHS2013Learn How B Vitamins, An Aloe Based Multinutrient and Food Allergy Can Benefit Depression, Alzheimer’s Disease and Weight Loss

Kirk Hamilton interviews John E. Lewis, PhD on "Depression and B Vitamins"; "Alzheimer's and An Aloe Multinutrient Complex";  and "Weight Loss, Food Allergy and IgG Testing". Dr. Lewis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. He is the Chairman of the Administrative Services Committee for the School of Medicine and the Facilities and Planning Committee for the University and is a member of the Faculty Senate. He is also a Scientific Investigator at the Fundación Clínica Valle del Lili and the Corporación de Lucha contra el SIDAin Cali, Colombia. Dr. Lewis has co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles, has been an invited speaker at multiple international and national conferences, and has mentored many graduate and medical students in exercise, nutrition, and health promotion. This interview is based on three research papers Dr. Lewis has co-authored entitled "The Effect of Methylated Vitamin B Complex on Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms and Quality of Life in Adults With Depression," ISRN Psychiatry; 2013 Jan 21; [Epub ahead of print].  49659 (radio topic: Depression and B Vitamins; 1:54-18:00 min:sec); “The Effect of an Aloe Polymannose Multinutrient Complex on Cognitive and Immune Functioning in Alzheimer's Disease,” J Alzheimers Dis. 2013;33(2):393-406. 50224 (radio topic: Alzheimer's, Aloe and Multinutrient Complex; 18:00-35:18 min:sec); Eliminating Immunologically-Reactive Foods from the Diet and its Effect on Body Composition and Quality of Life in Overweight Persons,” J Obes Weig Los Ther 2012, 2:1 (radio topic: Weight Loss and Food Allergy (IgG) Testing; 35:18-44:22 min:sec)

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Cancer and the Use of I.V. Vitamin C, The Ketogenic Diet and Hyperbaric Oxygen - An Interview with Jeanne Drisko, MD

JeanneDriskoHSLearn About the Science and Clinical Usefullness of I.V. Vitamin C as a Treatment for Cancer in Conjunction with Traditional Therapy and the Synergistic Benefit of Adding the Ketogenic Diet and Hyperbaric Oxygen Modalities

Kirk Hamilton interviews Jeanne Drisko, MD, Director of the Integrative Medicine Department at Kansas University Medical Center and the Riordan Endowed Professor of Orthomolecular Medicine on her current research and clinical work using intravenous vitamin C, the ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in conjunction with traditional oncology to treating cancer.  Dr. Drisko's work on I.V. vitamin C for cancer as well as for diabetes, infections and chronic fatigue, among other conditions, is being overseen my Mark Levine, MD at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Drisko has been interviewed on two other occasions on I.V. vitamin C and cancer on the Staying Healthy Today Show in 2009 and 2011. (Interview Timeline - Intro: 0-2:07; I.V. Vitamin C and Cancer Treatment: 2:08-34:00; Nutritional Assessment: 34:00-37:00; Ketogenic Diet 37:15-42:10; Neurofeedback Therapy for "Chemo-Brain" 45:15-45:45)

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Pancreatic Cancer and Lifetime "Fatness" - An Interview with Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon PhD MPH RD

Stolzenberg-SolomonHSLearn How Lifetime Adiposity or "Fatness" Increases the Risk to Pancreatic Cancer

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D. and Senior Investigator at the National Cancer Institute (2:30-14:05 mm:ss) who co-authored an interesting paper entitled “Lifetime Adiposity and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study Cohort.” Am J Clin Nutr. 2013 Oct;98(4):1057-65. In the second part of the show (14:10-49:39 mm:ss) Kirk Hamilton discusses the following topics: Why you should eliminate dairy products and why cheese is so addicting; How to stay lean in a busy world; Nutrient density and calorie density and how they apply to health and weight balance; insulin resistance and the role of intramyocellular fat; Volumetrics; Shopping on the perimeter of a grocery store; Refined versus whole grains and the glycemic index; Tips for eating out and eating fast; U.S. dietary patterns over the last century; How to eat at a salad bar; The importance of choosing "long carbohydrates"; Food addiction; TRIAD Diet Program (Chapter 13) in Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane; 21 Day Healthy Eating Program Handout; Basic Elimination Diet; What to stock in your refrigerator; What to keep in your cupboard; The value of appetizers and side dishes when eating out; and his discount book offer.

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Erectile Dysfunction, Sunlight and Vitamin D (Part 1) - Diabetes Reversal with High Carb Diet, Exercise and Sunlight (Part 2) - An Interview with Dr. Marc Sorenson EdD

MarcSorensonHSLearn the Value of Sunlight and Vitamin D in ED (Part 1) and 25 Years of Experience "Reversing" Type 2 Diabetes with a High Carb, Low-Fat, Plant-Based Diet with Sunlight and Exercise (Part 2)

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Mark Sorenson (EdD) who formerly raised cattle before converting to a plant-based diet who has been a health educator, author and has run health resorts for more than 25 years with his wife Vickie using a high carbohydrate, low-fat, plant-based diet with sunlight, exercise and herbs (no supplements) to reduce weight and chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. In Part 1 (4:00-17:00 mm:ss) of this interview Dr. Sorenson shares his health resort experiences applying these simple modalities in reversing chronic conditions and he shares his conclusions regarding vitamin D, but more importantly sunlight, as a means to lower not only cardiovascular risk but also to improve erectile dysfunction. In Part 2 (17:10-43:25 mm:ss) of the interview Dr. Sorensen shares his decades of experience with his high carbohydrate, low-fat dietary approach (and exercise and environmental) to reversing type 2 diabetes. Dr. Sorenson and his wife currently run a health resort, and he is the author of multiple books and papers, including most recentlly "Vitamin D and Solar Power," and "Does Vitamin D Deficiency Contribute to Erectile Dysfunction?" (Dermatoendocrinol. 2012 Apr 1;4(2):128-36)

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IV Chelation Therapy, Heart Attack Patients and the TACT Trial. What Have We Learned? – An Interview With Gervasio A. Lamas, MD

No part of this interview may be copied or reprinted in any form,

electronic or print, without written permission from Prescription 2000, Inc..

 IV Chelation Therapy-

Is There Any Cardiovascular Benefit

in Post Heart Attack Patients?

Findings from the TACT Trial


An Interview With Gervasio A. Lamas, MD

(Listen to Audio Interview - Order FREE PDF transcripts emailed to you)

May 8, 2013, By Kirkham R. Hamilton, PA-C

© copyright 2013, Prescription 2000, Inc.



KIRK HAMILTON:              Hi, my name is Kirk Hamilton, your host of Staying Healthy Today.   Our message is simple:   To provide you credible usable health information from interviews and our educational resources to help you Stay and Be Well in the busy modern world. Please take a few moments before or after listening to this interview to browse through the Prescription2000.com website, the home of Staying Healthy Today Radio, for our free educational services.


Today’s show topic is “IV Chelation Therapy. Is There Any Cardiovascular Benefit in Post Heart Attack Patients? Findings from the TACT Trial.”  

Our guest today is Dr. Gervasio Lamas, M.D., Chairman of Medicine and Chief of the Columbia University Division of Cardiology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida. Dr. Lamas recently coauthored a provocative paper in JAMA entitled “Effect of Disodium EDTA Chelation Regimen on Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Previous Myocardial Infarction.”

Read more: IV Chelation Therapy, Heart Attack Patients and the TACT Trial. What Have We Learned? – An Interview With Gervasio A. Lamas, MD


IV Chelation Therapy, Heart Attack Patients and the TACT Trial. What Have We Learned? – An Interview With Gervasio A. Lamas, MD


Explore the Provocative Findings of IV Chelation Therapy in Post Heart Attack Patients Obtained from the TACT Trial (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy)

Kirk Hamilton interviews Gervasio A. Lamas, MD Chairman of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center and Chief of the Columbia University Division of Cardiology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. He received his B.A. in Biochemical Sciences cum laude from Harvard College and his M.D. with honors (AOA) from New York University. He completed his Internship and Residency at the Brigham and Women's Hospital of Harvard Medical School, where he later served as Assistant Professor of Medicine. His interests include the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. During the last decade, he has enrolled thousands of patients in more than a dozen U.S. and international trials in order to improve cardiac care and prevent death and disability from heart disease. He presently serves as Co-Chairman for the Occluded Artery Trial (OAT), and Study Chair for the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT), a $30 million trial sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. He has authored over 300 scientific publications, and maintains an active clinical practice in Miami Beach and Key Biscayne. He is the co-author of a recent paper published in JAMA, "Effect of Disodium EDTA Chelation Regimen on Cardiovascular Events in Patients With Previous Myocardial InfarctionThe TACT Randomized Trial."

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The End of Diabetes - An Interview With Joel Fuhrman MD

Dr. FuhrmanHS-2013Learn How a High Micronutrient Dense Diet Does Not Just Control Diabetes, But Can Eliminate Diabetes!

Kirk Hamilton interviews Joel Fuhrman, M.D., a board-certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods on his new book "The End of Diabetes." Dr. Fuhrman's philosophy is to not just "control" diabetes but to get rid of it! He has developed a "nutritarian" approach to diabetes and health emphasizing a high micronutrient dense diet rich in "greens and beans" a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and limited grains and animal products. He has coined the term, The Health Equation, "Health = Nutrients/Calories." He is the author of the best selling book Eat To Live: The Revolutionary Plan for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, with the newest edition being released in 2011. Dr. Fuhrman has also co-authored an article entitled "Changing Perceptions of Hunger on a High Nutrient Density Diet" in the Nutrition Journal, 2010, which is focused on food addiction and how a high, micronutrient dense diet can eliminate food addictions and food toxicity. To listen or read Dr. Fuhrman's other Staying Healthy Today Interviews click here: Toxic HungerDiabetes Reversal and Chronic Disease Prevention and Reversal.

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Weightloss, 'Detoxing' and Creating Wellness with Raw Foods and How To Build a Succsssful Raw Food Business – An Interview with Ani Phyo

AniPhyoSeminarBuild Vibrant Health with Ani Phyo's 15 Day Program! - Learn How to Make Raw Foods Work For You and As a Business

Kirk Hamilton interviews Ani Phyo author, nutritionist, health coach, business consultant, TV host, and entrepreneur whose passion lies in designing and creating socially and environmentally aware communities around technology, immersive experiences, eco-green products, and healthy lifestyles. She is the author of four award winning cookbooks: "Ani's Raw Food Asia," "Ani's Raw Food Essentials", "Ani's Raw Food Desserts", "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen" and author of the nutrition and fitness book, "Ani's 15-Day Fat Blast."  She has received numerous awards as a successful cookbook author and health educator. Ani is an Advisor to Loyola Marymount’s Entrepreneurship Program in the College of Business Administration, and is a Panelist for the Executive Management Program at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. For more information about Ani's latest courses and retreats click here. For more information about Ani go to AniPhyo.com.

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Breast Cancer and the Value of Screening Mammography – Three Decades of Research…and Some Thoughts on DEFEATING CANCER - An Interview With Archie Bleyer MD


Learn Why Screening Mammography May Be Increasing the Early Detection of Breast Cancer but Not Responsible for the Reduction in Breast Cancer Deaths, and….Some Good News from the DEFEATCancer Program!

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Archie Bleyer, MD, an oncologist and Medical Advisor to the St. Charles Regional Cancer Center in Bend, Oregon and director of the DEFEAT Cancer Program, a year-round survivorship empowerment program for cancer survivors and their caregivers focusing on nutrition, physical activity, education and inspiration. He is a Clinical Research Professor at Oregon Health and Science University; Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston; and Director of the Aflac/CureSearch Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Research.  During the past four decades, Dr. Bleyer has been awarded research grants totaling more than $75 million as a principal investigator from the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, and the Leukemia Society of America. His research has been published in more than 300 peer-reviewed articles, chapters, and books. He is the co-author of a paper entitled, “Effect of Three Decades of Screening Mammography on Breast-Cancer Incidence,” N Engl J Med, November 2012

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The Sex Drive Solution for Women – How to Use Nutrition, Lifestyle and Hormone Therapy to Get It Back! - An Interview With Jennifer Landa MD

LandJenniferHS1Learn The Reasons Why You Can Lose Your Sex Drive at Any Age and How You Can Get It Back with The “HARSH” and “Rewire Your Desire” Programs Using Diet, Exercise, Mindfulness and Individualized Hormone Therapy

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Jennifer Landa who earned her medical degree from Albany Medical College of Union University in Albany, NY in 1996. She completed her internship and residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC, where she was distinguished as the Administrative Chief Resident in OB/GYN. Dr. Landa is Board Certified by the American Board of of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and serves as an Advanced Fellow in the Fellowship for Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. In addition, Dr. Landa has made appearances on a number of nationally-syndicated television shows, and was featured in a cover story by Florida Trend magazine in December of 2009, as a leading expert in anti-aging medicine. Dr. Landa is the author of the Amazon best seller “The Sex Drive Solution for Women”; creator of the "HARSH" and  “REWIRE YOUR DESIRE” programs designed to help women obtain optimal health and help those with low sex drives get their passion back. She is a hormone specialist, Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD and a Sexpert MD. Visit Dr. Landa's personal website here. For free videos created by Dr. Landa on regaining one's sex drive Click Here.

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Breast Cancer: Making the Right Diagnosis; Getting the Best Treatment (or non-Treatment); and the Most Efficient Ways to Screen for Breast Cancer - An Interview with Michael D. Lagios MD

lagiosmhshtLearn How To Get a Correct Breast Cancer Diagnosis; The Best Treatment; and What are the Best Breast Cancer Screening Methods

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Michael Lagios an nationally recognized breast pathologist and medical director of The Breast Cancer Consultation Service. The goal of these consultations personally delivered by Dr. Lagios is to give each client a thorough review of their original diagnostic materials (i.e. pathology slides, original mammograms and localization studies, breast ultrasound, specimen radiograms and breast MRI images etc.) not just existing written documents, and to provide the patient with unbiased information with which they can make an educated choice of therapy. Dr. Lagios has been providing this type of service since the 1980s. He has been recognized by "Best Doctors in America" since 1992, is an expert on ductal carcinoma and is currently is an associate professor of pathology at Stanford Medical School. Dr. Lagios earned his medical degree and completed his pathology residency both from University of California, School of Medicine, San Francisco in 1965 and 1970 respectively.

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Glaucoma Prevention and The Role of Diet, Especially Fruits and Vegetables - An Interview with JoAnn Giaconi, MD

dr_giaconihsLearn How Diet, Especially the Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables Can Reduce Glaucoma Risk

Kirk Hamilon interviews Dr. JoAnn Giaconi an ophthalmologist who received her M.D. degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and completed her residency in ophthalmology at the Stanford University Hospitals. Dr. Giaconi is currently at the Jules Stein Eye Institute, affiliated with the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and is Chief of Ophthalmology at the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles. Dr Giaconi also is co-author a paper entitled, "The Association of Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables with Decreased Risk of Glaucoma Among Older African-American Women in the Study of Osteoporotic Fractures" in the American Journal of Ophthalmology in 2012.

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Exercise Performance, Nitric Oxide and the Role of Beet Root Consumption – An Interview with Edward Weiss, PhD

weiss_tedheadshotLearn How Eating a Whole Food Like Beetroot Can Increase Nitric Oxide and Exercise Performance

Kirk Hamilton interviews Dr. Edward Weiss who earned his PhD in exercise physiology from the University of Maryland; is currently an Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Saint Louis University; and recently co-authored a paper entitled "Whole Beetroot Consumption Acutely Improves Running Performance," in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, 2012.

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