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About Us

Prescription 2000, Inc is a health education company committed to the prevention and reversal of the chronic diseases of aging by educating the public and health professionals through a variety of modalities including public speaking, interviews, seminars, on-line courses, books, podcasts, educational websites, YouTube and other social media. The company's intention statement for all its products and services is "The Greatest Medicine of Alll is to Teach People How Not to Need It."

Prescription 2000, Inc. was founded in 2000, Kirk Hamilton PA-C, and had its previous incarnations, starting in 1989, as ITServices (Information Transfer Services) and then Clinical Pearls Publications, Inc. These previous companies, as does Prescription 2000, Inc., delivered credible nutrition, prevention and lifestyle medicine research to health professionals and to the public. Much of the health information produced by these two companies is still available at no charge at www.vitasearch.com (Clinical Pearls Database, Expert Interviews, Weekly Updates) with Tishcon Corporation's purchasing of the Clinical Pearls and Expert Interviews Databases in 2004.


From 2004 Prescription 2000, Inc continued to produce the weekly "Expert Interviews" for Tishcon Corp until the the end of 2016 (presently more than 1200 interviews).

From 2000 through 2017 Prescription 2000, Inc produced a small dietary supplement line of animal-free products (stopped manufacturting May, 2017).


Since 2009 Kirk Hamilton PA-C has produced the Staying Healthy Today Show (podcasts, availlable in iTunes) where he interviews physcians and researchers on nutrition, prevention and lifestyle mediciines topics with an emphasis generally on prevention and reversal of chronic diseases.


Int 2011 Kirk Hamilton PA-C published "Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane" a book outlining the problem and causes of chronic diseases (Part 1), the proof that these diseases can be largely prevented and reversed (Part 2) and a 9 Step Program (TRIAD Wellness Program) on how to reverse and prevention chronic diseases and stay healthy in the busy, modern world (Part 3).

Since the publishing of "Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane" in 2011 the focus of Prescription 2000's products and services is to help health professionals see the importance of chronic disease prevention and revesal, and teach people how to achieve these two goals in the rapidly modernizing and fast-paced world we live in.


Prescription 2000 Inc. presently focuses on these educational goals through the educational websites www.StayingHealthyToday.com , HealthyLivingforBusyPeople.com or www.KwikerMedical.com where Kirk Hamilton PA-C has seen patients on a daily basis since 1983.


For more a more specific time-line and description of Prescription 2000, Inc's history go to (About Us - Curriculum Vitae)



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