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2017 - Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer's/Cognitive Decline and Living to 100 reversal resource pages at

2017 - LABIOMED Chronic Disease Reversal Lecture Series

March 8, 2017 – “Reverse Heart Disease Now!”
March 15, 2017 – “Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Today and Reduce Complications of Type 1!”

March 29, 2017 – “Reversing Obesity” - 28 Day Rapid Weight Loss By Increasing Body Metabolism and Not Counting Calories!
April 12, 2017 – “Alzheimer’s Disease and Cognitive Decline Are Preventable and Frequently Reversible – Exploring the MIND Diet for Prevention and Bredesen Protocol for Treatment of Early Alzheimer’s Disease.”
April 26, 2017 – “You Can Live to 100 – Lifestyle Lessons from The Blue Zones.”
2016 - LABIOMED’s 28 Day Healthy Living Program and Lecture Series
August 4 - “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane – How to Do It in 9 Simple Steps”
August 11 - “What the Paleo and Vegan Diets Agree On About Eating “Carbs” – The Most Important Diet Rule!”
August 18 - “How to Eat Out, Eat Healthy and Eat Fast”
August 25 - “One Person’s Health Food Is Another Person’s “Poison”! - How to Diagnose and Treat Your Food Sensitivities”

2016 - 1994 -
Conducted more than 1200 Expert Interviews of researchers and physicians in peer reviewed nutrition and prevention research posted on

2016 (February - present)
"The The Sloppy Vegan Cooking Show" podcasts are
now available at or in iTunes.  The "Sloppy Vegan Cooking Show" YouTube has been running since 2011. The goal of the "Sloppy Vegan Cooking Show" is
to show that anyone can cook fast, healthy and tasty plant-based dishes in a busy lifestyle...with some humor and fun! "If Kirk can do it anyone can do it!" The theme is to emphasize that eating whole food, unprocessed, plant-based meals is the fastest way to reverse our epidemic of modern day chronic diseases.

2015 (September - present) "Staying Healthy Today Show with Kirk Hamilton" a return of Kirk's podcasts in nutrition, prevention, integrative and lifestyle medicine in the form of short literature reviews, case studies from his clinical practice, and audio interviews from researchers, book authors and physicians on more natural approaches to common health problems. This program will have an underlying theme of the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases (heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, bone loss, dementias, arthritis, cancer, etc.). These podcasts are available at and in iTunes. Also see Kirk's "Staying Healthy Today Show" YouTube

2015 (July, 2015) Kirk's 21 Day Healthy Living Program for Business Travelers (E-Cousre, & Kirk's 21 Day Healthy Living Program for Busy People (E-Course, Membership site access includes an 80 page E-Book (Kirk's PowerAging Program for Business Travelers) daily instructional videos with daily written instructions along with 24 daily reminder emails of that day's topic. The focus of these daily steps (videos and written instructions) is to create optimal health focusing on improving energy, clarity of thinking, fitness and weight control in busy business people either traveling or at home in a step by step fashion at a pace that is comfortable for the participant and can be reviewed anywhere and at any time.

2014 (80 page E-Book) Kirk's 21Day PowerAging Program for Business Travelers. 80 page E-book written on what to do from the time you pack to go on a business trip (any trip really) to the time you unpack when you come hom home to the time you

2014 Kirk's PowerAging Cooking Series at Whole Foods Culinary Center in Sacramento. Gave short health talk and cooking demonstration each month on 2-3 quick, easy to prepare plant-based dishes that have a focus on chronic disease prevention and reversal. Also created a video blog

2013  Staying Healthy Today Radio - Weekly 1 hour interview driven radio show on KMYC 1410 AM, Marysville, California focusing on the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases using lifestyle and integrative medicine approaches. Podcasts of the show are posted at, iTunes and

2013 “Kirk's PowerAging Series a 10 part lecture series with slide presentation on 10 different health conditions followed by a cooking demonstration for that condition using plant-based dishes as being part of the treatment and solution. Series is conducted at Whole Foods Culinary Center in Sacramento, CA.

2012 “Staying Healthy Today Lecture Series” 12 presentation series on the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, breast and prostate cancer, obesity, bone loss, etc) with aggressive lifestyle approaches. Presentations are audio recorded with syllabus.

2011- Present: YouTube : Sloppy Vegan Cooking ShowShort demonstrations of quick, nutrient dense plant-based cooking. Staying Healthy Today Show2-3 minute commentaries on health topics with solutions using a nutrition and preventive lifestyle approach.

2011 – “Staying Healthy in the Fast Lane – 9 Simple Steps to Optimal Health and Real Healthcare Reform”  book released August, 2011.

2009 - Present: Staying Healthy Today show. Interviews of experts in the fields of nutrition, prevention and integrative medicine available as podcasts and downloads at, iTunes and

2008 - Present: health education services; free health letters (Staying Healthy Today With Kirk Hamilton); Expert Pearls: Potential Therapies in Nutrition and Integrative Medicine Research; Public Speaking, Consulting and Seminars; Educational Handouts and Links.

2008 - Present:Staying Healthy In The Fast Lane”. A lecture series focusing on how we can stay healthy in the busy, modern world and slow, prevent or reverse heart disease, diabetes, obesity and aging.

1989 - 2004: Founder of Clinical Pearls Publications, Inc. The Clinical Pearls Publications were derived from more than 42,000 articles from peer review literature focused on current nutrition and integrative medicine research. More than 650 Experts Speak Interviews of peer review researchers/physicians from around the world on nutrition and integrative medicine topics were completed. This data was incorporated into Clinical Pearls One-Liners, a monthly health letter for professionals available in print and on the internet. Clinical Pearls One-Liners included referenced article summaries; a Disease and Case of the Month; as well as the actual Expert Speak Interviews. This volume of work was purchase by Tishcon Corp in 2004. To date there are more than 1100 Experts Speak Interviews archived at where the Clinical Pearls Database resides. Kirk Hamilton still conducts 4-5 Expert Speak Interviews per month for this free website service.

2000 - Present: Development and sales of basic dietary nutritional supplements free of animal products.

1995: Radio host: Prescription 2000. A weekly one hour show with interviews from peer review researchers on nutrition and integrative medicine topics; article reviews; open phones for questions from a Northern California audience.

1987-92: Radio co-host: Questioning Health. A weekly review of current nutrition articles and open call-in.


1983: Physicians Assistant Certified (PA-C), U. C. Davis School of Medicine/Department of Family Practice.

1980: Bachelor's of Science Degree Socio-biology, University of California, Davis, CA.

Professional Health and Direct Experience

1983 - Present: Practicing Physicians Assistant since 1983, and at Health Associates Medical Group in Sacramento, California (1986), a nutrient oriented general practice since 1986. Practice specialty experiences include: Family Practice, Nutrition, Prevention, Cardiology, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Allergy, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine.

1977-82: Ambulance Technician and Paramedic (1980), Davis Ambulance Service, Davis, CA.

Special Interests: Teaching health and a positive lifestyle, community service, spiritual growth, swing and salsa dancing, body surfing, free diving, vegetarianism, alternative energy, conservation and recycling.Top of Form

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