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Expert Pearls

Fibrinogen (lowering) - Alcohol

Alcohol (moderate); cigarette smoking cessation (significantly reduces); exercise; garlic; omega-3 fatty acid rich diets; vegetarian diet; weight loss. [Arterio, Thromb, Vasc Biol, September, 1995;15(9):1263-1268. 24063 (1996)] Summary Interview

Fibrinogen (lowering) - Cardiovascular risk factor

Cardiovascular risk factor. [Arterio, Thromb, Vasc Biol, September, 1995;15(9): 1263-1268. 24063 (1996)] Summary Interview

Fibrinogen (lowering) - Niacin

Niacin: Day 1 0.25 gm after lunch, 0.5 gm after dinner and 0.5 gm at night. Day 2 0.25 gm after breakfast, 0.5 gm after lunch, 0.5 gm after dinner and 1gm at night. Day 3 0.25 gm after breakfast, 0.5 gm after lunch, 1gm after dinner and 1gm at night. Day 4 1gm four times daily, taken immediately after the meals and at bedtime. Niacin therapy: Fibrinogen is lowered by 15%; raises HDL-C by 20- 40%; HDL2-C, the large HDL particle is raised by up to 100%; a negligible effect on smaller HDL3; LDL-C is lowered by 15-30%; small, dense LDL particles are significantly lowered; triglycerides are lowered by 15-40%; and Lp(a) decreases10-40%. [J Intern Med. 2005 Aug;258(2):94-114. 43553 (01/2005)] Summary Interview

Fibrinogen (lowering) - omega-3 fatty acids, epa, dha - 48958

Omega-3 fatty acid (EPA and DHA) serum levels are inversely associated with fibrinogen levels. Two fish servings per week approximately 1 gram combined EPA and DHA per day. [Eur J Clin Nutr, 2011 Sep 7; [Epub ahead of print]. 48958 (12/2011)] Summary Interview PubMed

Fibrinogen - Pycnogenol™

Pycnogenol™ 50 mg per tablet taken twice a day, after breakfast and after dinner. [Redox Rep, 2008; 13(6): 271-6. 46883 (3/2009)] Summary Interview PubMed
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