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Expert Pearls

Menopausal Symptoms - soy protein - 45256

Soy protein - 25 gms of soy nuts (Ā½ cup = 101 mg of aglycone isoflanvones). [Arch Int Med, 2007;167:1060-1067; J Womens Health (Larchmt), 2007;16(3): 361-9. 45256 (1/2008)] Summary Interview PubMed

Menopause (surgical) - Testosterone

Testosterone replacement at 300 micrograms per day from a transdermal testosterone patch significantly increased sexual desire, satisfying sexual activity and reduced personal distress. Median free testosterone levels were within the upper part of the young female reference range after testosterone replacement. [Arch Intern Med, July 25, 2005;165:1582-1589. 43504 (9/2005)] Summary Interview

Menopause - Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (estradiol 1-2 mg/d plus synthetic progestins) reduced risk of cognitive impairment by 64%. [Menopause, 2005;12(1):12-17. 43029 (5/2005)] Summary Interview

Menopause - klamath microalgae extract - 48291

Klamath microalgae extract, KlaminĀ® 1 tablet (800 mg) 1 hour after breakfast and 1 tablet an hour before dinner in menopausal women. [Minerva Ginecol, 2010;62(5):381-8. 48291 (11/2010)] Summary Interview PubMed

Menopause - sleep, valerian - 50096

Valerian at 530 mg of a concentrated valerian extract (CVE) showed significant improvement in sleep quality in postmenopausal women without side effects. [Menopause, 2011 Sep;18(9):951-5. 50096 (5/2012)] Interview PubMed

Menopause - Sun exposure

Early menopause 1) inadequate sun exposure leads to earlier menopause; 2) women whose mothers experienced menopause at a younger age (<50) are more likely to experience early menopause; 3) lower socioeconomic status (not owning a house) is associated with earlier menopause; 4) women who report heavy or very heavy premenopausal lifelong physical activity are more likely to report early menopause compared to those who report light-normal physical activity. [Maturitas. 2005 Nov-Dec;52(3-4):235-48. 44358 (1/2006)] Interview
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