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Expert Pearls

Mucositis (radiation-induced) - Glutamine

Glutamine 16 g suspension in 240 ml of normal saline given in 30-ml doses, swished for 3 minutes and expectorated 4 times per day significantly reduced the duration and severity of objective oral mucositis during radiotherapy. [Int J Radiation Oncol Biol Phys, 2000;46(3):535-539. 35019 (2000)] Summary Interview

Mucositis (radiation-induced) - Vitamin E

Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) 100 mg (25 IU/ kg/day) b.i.d. applied topically, or chewed, swished and swallowed, improved uncomplicated mucositis in chemotherapy treated pediatric cancer patients. Vitamin E 100 mg (25 IU/ kg/day) b.i.d. P.O. after meals may prevent mucositis. [J Clin Pediatr Dent, 2007; 31(3):167-70. 45438 (10/2008)] Summary

Mucositis (radiation-induced) - Zinc sulphate

Zinc sulphate 50 mg t.i.d.. [Int J Clin Pract, July 2004;58(7):662-668. 42200 (12/2004)] Summary Interview
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