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Expert Pearls

Physical Performance - interval training - 49462

Interval walking for 60 minutes, 5 days per week in type 2 diabetics, defined as alternating between 3 minutes of high speed walking and 3-minutes of low speed walking (high speed walking is the equivalent of the fastest speed you can possibly walk without breaking into a jog), showed statistically-significant improvements in body weight, abdominal visceral adiposity, VO2 peak, LDL-cholesterol, fasting insulin, and CGM glucose. The continuous walking group showed no improvement, but had no decline in the above parameters. The control group showed a decline in the above parameters. [Diabetes Care, 2012 Sept 21; [Epub ahead of print]. 49462 (2/20013)] Summary Interview PubMed

Physical Performance - pycnogenol® - 50352

Pycnogenol® 50 mg tablets, 2 and 3 tablets daily in those performing an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Test and 100-Minute Triathlon respectively, at 8 weeks in the APFT there was a reduced time in the 2 mile run of two minutes and an increase in push-up and sit-up endurance of 25 and 15 percent respectively compared to controls. In the 100-Minute Triathlon group at 30 days there was a significant increase in speed and strength (100 minute triathlon time: 1:40:24 to 1:29:44) and reduction in muscular cramping and controlled oxidative stress compared to controls. [J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2013 Dec;53(6):644-54. 50352 (8/2104)] Interview PubMed

Physical Performance - Walking

Walking distance in elderly improved - amino acids mixture 12 gm/d (L -leucine 3.8, L- lysine 2, L -isoleucine 1.9, L-valine 1.9, L -threonine 1.1, L -cystine 0.4, L-histidine 0.4, L -phenylalanine 0.3, L -methionine 0.2, L -tyrosine 0.1 and L -tryptophan 0.1). [Gerontology, 2005 Sep-Oct;51(5):302-8. 42895/43681 (11/2005)] Summary Interview
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