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Expert Pearls

Retinitis Pigmentosa - Vitamin/mineral, taurine, bilberry and zinc

Multiple vitamin/mineral, taurine 750 mg/d, bilberry 300 mg/d and zinc 50 mg/d. Five minutes of electrical stimulation to each eye at weekly then at monthly office visits. The electrical current was about 200 micro amperes at ±9 volts at 10 cycles per second. (Research device: a special hand held stimulator, with the output electrode at one end. When held in the patient's wet hand and the electrode is gently placed on the closed wet eye lid, a flicker will be seen. This indicates that the electricity is reaching the retina. For this study, a similar unit was used in the office. It can be sent home for a month or two for use several times a day to speed up the recovery of vision. Each eye is stimulated for a total of about five minutes. The small electrode is applied to the closed wet eyelids as follows: right upper lid for 2.5 minutes, right lower lid for 2.5 minutes, left upper lid for 2.5 minutes and finally to the left lower lid for 2.5 minutes. This can be repeated several times per day, if needed). [J Orthomolecular Med, 1998;13(1):41-43. 29828 (1998)] Summary Interview
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