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Expert Pearls

Violence - Cholesterol

Cholesterol (low < 250 mg/dl) was shown to be linked to subsequent arrests for violent crimes. [J Psychiatric Res, 2000;34:301-309. 36580 (2001)] Summary Interview

Violence - Type A individuals

Type A individuals - elevated serum copper/zinc ratios and elevated lead, cadmium and magnesium along with depressed sodium, potassium and manganese. Type A's generally have a history of episodic violence followed by genuine remorse. Type B’s have a high incidence of learning disabilities, allergies and acne. [Physiology and Behavior, 1997;62(2):327-329. 27960 (1997)] Summary Interview

Violence - Type B individuals

Type B individuals have depressed serum copper/zinc ratios, elevated sodium, potassium, lead, cadmium, magnesium and abnormal (high or low) levels of manganese. This pattern is commonly found in sociopaths and career criminals who have a history of violent acts with absence of remorse. Copper and zinc were found to be quite significant in this typing. [Physiology and Behavior, 1997;62(2):327-329. 27960 (1997)] Summary Interview
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