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Expert Pearls

Halitosis - korea red ginseng - 47477

Korea red ginseng 300 mg three times daily with H. Pylori eradication. [Digestion, 2009;80(3):192-199. 47477 (11/2009)] Summary Interview PubMed

Halitosis - magnolia bark extract, zinc lactate - 51020

Zinc lactate and Magnolia Bark extract (MBE) at 2 tablets daily with each tablet containing 0.17 mg of zinc per tablet (0.34 mg of elemental zinc daily) and .84 mg of MBE (1.68 mg MBE daily) reduced volatile sulphur-containing compounds (VSCC) statistically and significantly over two hours which may reduce halitosis (bad breath). [J Clin Dent. 2014;25(3):53-6. 51020 (11/2015)] Interview PubMed
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