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Expert Pearls

Behavior Disorder - Soft drink consumption

Soft drink consumption of 4 or more glasses per day was linearly associated with adverse behavior. [Am J Public Health, 2006 Oct;96(10):1815-20. 44971/45340 (11/2006)] Summary Interview PubMed

Behavior Disorder - Sugar

Sugar of any kind whether by itself or in the context of a whole food diet had no effect on behavior. [JAMA, November 22/29, 1995;274(20):1617-1622. 23659 (1995)] Summary Interview PubMed

Behavior Disorder - Sugar - 2

Sugar effects behavior negatively. [J Learning Disabilities, 1979;12:42-50. 24067 (1996)] Summary Interview

Behavior Disorder - Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 need is increased in the high, carbohydrate-rich diets in developed countries. [J Am Coll Nutr, 1988;7(1):61-67. 29204 (1998)] Summary Interview PubMed
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