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Expert Pearls

Dysfunctional Gut Syndrome - Diet

Diet low in fermentable, starchy and yeasty foods; diet high in unrefined starches and vegetables - small amounts of fruit; higher in fats and protein; supplement with B vitamins, magnesium, gamma-linolenic acid; reduce or eliminate the consumption of refined sugars and a high intake of lectins. [J Royal Soc Med, 1995;88:63-66. 22682 (1995)] Summary Interview

Dysfunctional Gut Syndrome - Gut fermentation

Abnormal gut fermentation frequently presents with symptoms of irritable bowel, catarrhal symptoms and mild cerebral dysfunction such as inability to concentrate, fatigue and "brain fog or fag.” The best test is excess ethanol production on a fasting sugar challenge (normal < 22 micromoles per liter). Excess β-alanine excretion is another test. [J Royal Soc Med, 1995;88:63-66. 22682 (1995)] Summary Interview
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