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Staying Healthy Today Radio Interviews

Staying Healthy Today Radio interviews key researchers, physicians and book authors on progressive nutrition, prevention and integrative medicine topics with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention and reversal.


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1 Diet and Breast Cancer: Steps You Can Take for Prevention. What You Can Do If You Get Breast Cancer? - An Interview with Lilli Link, MD Monday, 13 January 2014
2 Lyme Disease Treatment and Prolotherapy – Effective Integrative Approaches to Debilitating Health Problems - An Interview with Will Mora, MD Saturday, 28 December 2013
3 The Power of Food and Nutraceuticals in Depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Weight Loss - An Interview with John E. Lewis PhD Saturday, 21 December 2013
4 Cancer and the Use of I.V. Vitamin C, The Ketogenic Diet and Hyperbaric Oxygen - An Interview with Jeanne Drisko, MD Sunday, 08 December 2013
5 Pancreatic Cancer and Lifetime "Fatness" - An Interview with Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon PhD MPH RD Saturday, 07 December 2013
6 Erectile Dysfunction, Sunlight and Vitamin D (Part 1) - Diabetes Reversal with High Carb Diet, Exercise and Sunlight (Part 2) - An Interview with Dr. Marc Sorenson EdD Thursday, 28 November 2013
7 IV Chelation Therapy, Heart Attack Patients and the TACT Trial. What Have We Learned? – An Interview With Gervasio A. Lamas, MD Tuesday, 07 May 2013
8 The End of Diabetes - An Interview With Joel Fuhrman MD Monday, 28 January 2013
9 Weightloss, 'Detoxing' and Creating Wellness with Raw Foods and How To Build a Succsssful Raw Food Business – An Interview with Ani Phyo Sunday, 27 January 2013
10 Breast Cancer and the Value of Screening Mammography – Three Decades of Research…and Some Thoughts on DEFEATING CANCER - An Interview With Archie Bleyer MD Monday, 07 January 2013
11 The Sex Drive Solution for Women – How to Use Nutrition, Lifestyle and Hormone Therapy to Get It Back! - An Interview With Jennifer Landa MD Saturday, 05 January 2013
12 Breast Cancer: Making the Right Diagnosis; Getting the Best Treatment (or non-Treatment); and the Most Efficient Ways to Screen for Breast Cancer - An Interview with Michael D. Lagios MD Thursday, 27 December 2012
13 Glaucoma Prevention and The Role of Diet, Especially Fruits and Vegetables - An Interview with JoAnn Giaconi, MD Thursday, 15 November 2012
14 Exercise Performance, Nitric Oxide and the Role of Beet Root Consumption – An Interview with Edward Weiss, PhD Thursday, 11 October 2012
15 Metabolic Syndrome, High Blood Pressure and Grape Consumption - An Interview with Maria Luz Fernandez, PhD Saturday, 15 September 2012
16 Preventive Cardiology and the Role of Aged Garlic Extract and Coenzyme Q10 - An Interview with Matthew Budoff MD Friday, 17 August 2012
17 Autism and Developmental Delay Risk and Maternal Folic Acid Intake - An Interview with Rebecca J Schmidt PhD Saturday, 28 July 2012
18 Cardiovascular Disease and Erectile Dysfunction: What's the Connection and 10 Simple Steps to Reverse Both - An Interview with David R Meldrum MD Saturday, 30 June 2012
19 Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease with a Vegan Diet - An Interview with Cardiac Surgeon Marc R. Katz, MD, MPH Wednesday, 06 June 2012
20 Insulin Resistance, Obesity and the Benefit of Juice Concentrates – An Interview with Atilio Canas, MD Tuesday, 01 May 2012
21 Bone Health and the Positive Effects of Tai Chi and Green Tea Polyphenols - An Interview with Leslie Shen PhD Thursday, 12 April 2012
22 Prolotherapy. What Is It? How Does It Work? And How To Use It? - An Interview With Kenten P. Wang, DO Saturday, 24 March 2012
23 Breast Cancer Prevention and Reversal – Is It Possible and What You Can Do? - An Interview with Christine Horner, MD Sunday, 12 February 2012
24 Cognitive Performance and Walnut Consumption in Young Adults - An Interview With Peter Pribis, MD DrPH Thursday, 01 December 2011
25 Diabetes Risk, Insulin Sensitivity and the Benefits of Barley Beta Glucan - An Interview With Joy L. Frestedt, PhD Tuesday, 29 November 2011
26 Autism, Unique Metabolic and Nutritional Requirements -- An Interview With James B. Adams PhD Sunday, 06 November 2011
27 Congestive Heart Failure and the Clinical Use of Coenzyme Q10 - An Interview with Peter H. Langsjoen, MD Thursday, 08 September 2011
28 Cancer and Intravenous Vitamin C – What’s New in Clinical Research – An Interview with Jeanne Drisko, MD Thursday, 07 July 2011
29 Cow’s Milk and Human Health: A Critical Look at this Commonly Consumed Food Group - An Interview with Joseph Keon, PhD Thursday, 07 July 2011
30 Healthy Aging and the New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less - An Interview with John Robbins Thursday, 30 June 2011
31 Chronic Disease Prevention and Elimination: The Power of the Raw Food Lifestyle - An Interview with Ani Phyo Friday, 17 June 2011
32 Obesity in the United States: Causes, Solutions and the 21 Day Kickstart Program - An Interview with Neal Barnard, MD Tuesday, 14 June 2011
33 Bone Health: Why Calcium, Estrogen and Drugs Aren't The Answer - An Interview with Amy Joy Lanou, PhD Sunday, 24 April 2011
34 The Role of Curcumin in Colon Cancer Prevention - An Interview with Robert E. Carroll, MD Saturday, 23 April 2011
35 Obesity’s Effect on Cancer and How the American Lifestyle Fuels Both Epidemics - An Interivew with Olivier C Wenker, M.D. Saturday, 23 April 2011
36 Hyaluronic Acid and Its Clinical Uses - An Interview With Chris D. Meletis ND Wednesday, 30 March 2011
37 Integrative and Preventive Cardiology in the 21st Century – 50 Years of Clinical Experience - An Interview with Joe D. Goldstrich MD Wednesday, 09 March 2011
38 Sleep Quality, Chronic Inflammation and Magnesium Therapy - An Interview with Forrest Nielsen PhD Wednesday, 09 March 2011
39 Heart Disease Risk, Cholesterol and Lipids in 2011: What Do We Really Know - An Interview With William Castelli MD Thursday, 17 February 2011
40 The Paleolithic Diet – Pros and Cons in the 21st Century - An Interview with Loren Cordain PhD Friday, 21 January 2011
41 Toxic Hunger, Weight Loss and the Benefits of a High Micronutrient Dense Diet – An Interview with Joel Fuhrman MD Thursday, 23 December 2010
42 Dry Eyes and the Role of Lifestyle, Nutrition and Omega-3 Fatty Acids - An Interview with James McCulley MD Friday, 17 December 2010
43 21st Century Neurology: The Role of Nutrition and Functional Medicine - An Interview with Eric Hassid MD Thursday, 02 December 2010
44 Chronic Disease Prevention, The Use of Bio-Identical Hormones and the Value of Saliva Testing - An Interview with Jay Mead MD Saturday, 13 November 2010
45 Health Benefits of the Portable Microbiology Laboratory and Solar Water Pasteurization - An Interview with Dr. Bob Metcalf Sunday, 17 October 2010
46 Prostate Cancer and the “Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers: No more unnecessary biopsies, radical treatment, or loss of sexual potency.” - An Interview with Mark Scholz MD Sunday, 17 October 2010
47 Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH), Fatty Liver and Vitamin E Therapy - An Interview With Arun J. Sanyal MD Saturday, 09 October 2010
48 Heart Failure and L-Carnitine Therapy - An Interview With Mohammad Reza Movahed MD Saturday, 25 September 2010
49 Healthy Aging: A Model of Functional Aging in the Modern World - An Interview With Dorothy Rossi Thursday, 09 September 2010
50 Hormone Replacement Therapy and The Biodentical Debate. Are They Really Safer and More Effective Than Synthetic Hormones? - An Interview With Kent Holtorf MD Thursday, 12 August 2010
51 Cancer Treatment and the Kelley Method: It History and Evolution - An Interview With Nicholas J. Gonzalez M.D. Friday, 23 July 2010
52 Bladder Cancer Survival. The Role of Broccoli and CruciferousVegetables - An Interview With Li Tang, PhD Wednesday, 14 July 2010
53 Intractable Pain And The Important Role Of Hormone Therapy - An Interview With Forest Tennant, MD, DrPH Wednesday, 07 July 2010
54 Heart Disease Prevention And Reversal With The New Cardiology - An Interview With Stephen Sinatra MD Thursday, 03 June 2010
55 Health Risks of Cosmetics - An Interview With Stacy Malkan Saturday, 22 May 2010
56 Health Benefits of Soy Foods: Separating Fact From Fiction - An Interview With Mark Messina PhD Thursday, 13 May 2010
57 Chronic Disease Reversal Using Medically Supervised Fasting and Healthy Living With Dietary Avoidance of the “Pleasure Trap” Foods - An Interview With Alan Goldhamer DC Thursday, 29 April 2010
58 Magnesium In Clinical Medicine and "Clinical Pearls" In Chronic Disease Management - An Interview With Stella L. Volpe PhD RD Friday, 26 March 2010
59 Diabetes and Lipid Management Using The Dietary Portfolio, Nuts, Prebiotics and Soy - An Intervew With David J.A. Jenkins MD PhD DSc Thursday, 11 March 2010
60 Chronic Disease And A Century of U.S. Food Consumption Patterns - An Interview With Jean C. Buzby PhD Thursday, 04 March 2010
61 Nutrition for Exercise Performance and Preventive Health – An Interview With Ironman Champion Dave Scott Thursday, 25 February 2010
62 Memory and Cognitive Improvement With Daily Grapejuice Intake, and, Other Natural Approaches To Memory and Cognition - An Interview With Robert Krikorian PhD Friday, 12 February 2010
63 Food and It’s Role In The 4 “A's” – Allergies, Asthma, ADHD and Autism – One Mother’s Mission - An Interview With Robyn O'Brien Sunday, 24 January 2010
64 Cancer Treatment Combining Lipoic Acid and Naltrexone, and, Lipoic Acid’s Use As An Effective Cure for Severe Liver Disease – An Interview With Burt Berkson M.D. Ph.D. Sunday, 24 January 2010
65 Chronic Disease Prevention and Reversal With A Plant-Based Diet and Lifestyle. Evidence From The 'China Study' and A Lifetime of Nutrition Research – An Interview T. Colin Campbell Ph.D. Thursday, 07 January 2010
66 Heart Disease Risk Reduction And Rapid Weight Loss While Enhancing Athletic Performance With The “Plant-Strong” Engine 2 Diet – An Interview With Rip Esselstyn Friday, 01 January 2010
67 Cancer And The Trophoblast, And, The History And Case Studies of Enzyme Therapy In The Treatment of Cancer - An Interview With Nicholas J. Gonzalez M.D. Saturday, 21 November 2009
68 Chronic Disease Prevention and Real Health Care Reform Using Lessons from Indigenous Diets From Around The World - An Interview With Daphne Miller M.D. Saturday, 21 November 2009
69 Cancer Treatment Using Enzyme Therapy, Diet, Supplements and Coffee Enemas - An Interview With Nicholas J. Gonzalez M.D. Thursday, 05 November 2009
70 Prostate Cancer and the Role of Plant Foods and Their Phytonutrients - An Interview With John E. Lewis Ph.D. Tuesday, 27 October 2009
71 Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer. Early Detection, Prevention and Treatment Using The Latest Medical Technology, Diet and Lifestyle – An Interview With Ronald Wheeler M.D. Thursday, 08 October 2009
72 Prostate Cancer Treated as A Chronic Disease – One Oncologist’s Approach - An Interview With Mark Scholz M.D. Friday, 02 October 2009
73 Prostate Cancer – What Are Your Alternatives? What’s Effective And What Isn’t…One Man’s Story - An Interview With Peter Starr Sunday, 20 September 2009
74 Heart Attack Proof ! How To Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease – An Interview With Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. M.D. Saturday, 05 September 2009
75 Alzheimer’s Disease Treated With A Novel Nutraceutical Formulation Improves Cognition and Mood – An Interview With Thomas B. Shea Ph.D. Wednesday, 02 September 2009
76 Diabetes Reversal with The McDougall Program – An Interview With John McDougall M.D. Friday, 28 August 2009
77 Health Benefits of Solar Cookers, Water Pasteurization and Portable Microbiology Laboratories - An Interview With Robert Metcalf Ph.D. Friday, 14 August 2009
78 Diabetes Reversal With The “Eat For Health” Approach – An Interview With Joel Fuhrman M.D. Friday, 07 August 2009
79 Chronic Disease Prevention and Reversal With The “Eat For Health” Program - An Interview With Joel Fuhrman M.D. Wednesday, 05 August 2009
80 Integrative Medicine – What Is It and Why Does Medicine Need It? – An Interview with Jeanne Drisko M.D. Sunday, 02 August 2009
81 Cancer and I.V. Vitamin C - Safety, Clinical Value and Protocol - An Interview with Jeanne Drisko M.D. Wednesday, 29 July 2009
82 Diabetes Reversal In Less Than 60 Days – A Case Study - An Interview With Gerardo Perez Friday, 24 July 2009
83 Bone Regeneration and Fracture Prevention Using A Whole Body Approach - An Interview With R. Keith McCormick D.C. Monday, 08 June 2009
84 Behavior Problems, Criminality and Food: The Undeniable Connection – An Interview With Barbara Stitt Ph.D. Sunday, 31 May 2009
85 Bone Health With Diet Not Drugs, Calcium and Hormones - an Interview with Amy Joy Lanou Ph.D. Tuesday, 19 May 2009
86 Obesity, Triglycerides and Green Tea Catechins – An Interview With Kevin Maki Ph.D. Friday, 08 May 2009
87 ACL Surgery, Inflammation and Antioxidants - An Interview With Tyler Barker Ph.D. Monday, 04 May 2009
88 Diabetes Reversal With The Portfolio Diet - An Interview With David J.A. Jenkins M.D. Ph.D. D.Sc. Sunday, 03 May 2009
89 Diabetes Reversal With The HCF Diet – An Interview With James W. Anderson M.D. Thursday, 30 April 2009
90 Diabetes Reversal Without Drugs - An Interview With Neal Barnard M.D. Wednesday, 29 April 2009
91 Thyroid Function, Zinc and Iron - An Interview with Stella Volpe Ph.D. Friday, 20 March 2009